T10 cricket league UAE sparks sheer lunacy: Shane Watson, Chris Gayle


Traditionalists, forward defence fanatics and Test cricket lovers, turn away now. What you’re about to read is not only almost impossible to comprehend, it’s downright offensive.

Recently, airtime and column inches have been devoted to analysing everything wrong with Australian cricket, from reverse paddle sweeps to the mix-and-match schedule. To escape the misery fans have been able to follow our women’s stars who have surged into the final of the World T20.

But who knew the real action is actually taking place in an obscure competition in the UAE that has flown under the radar despite boasting a host of international megastars who have contributed to mind-blowing scenes cricket has never seen before.

The second edition of the T10 League — in which innings last 10 overs — is going on away from prying eyes but it might not be so easy to escape attention if performances like the ones we’ve seen so far keep repeating themselves.

The two-week tournament, comprised of eight teams, started a couple of days ago and features big names like Eoin Morgan, Kieron Pollard, Chris Gayle, Shane Watson and Brendon McCullum.

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