Jeff Horn vs Anthony Mundine reaction: The Man knocked out, KO, results, updates


That was the biggest fight in Australian boxing? Really?

After months of build-up and silly storylines — and a mind-numbingly long undercard that pushed the main event back until almost midnight — Jeff Horn monstered Anthony Mundine in 96 seconds in their fight in Brisbane.

Mundine said he was a “caged lion” after grabbing Horn by the throat during a tense face-off, but as soon as the bell rang he turned into a timid house cat.

It was an anticlimax on a night that had fans frustrated as every fight on the undercard — bar a fourth-round stoppage of Horn’s younger brother Ben — went the distance.

The delay saw the singing of the national anthem scrapped to save time and to ensure the event didn’t breach Suncorp Stadium’s curfew.

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