‘Turn Him Into a Bobble Head’


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It’s now less than a week before
UFC 229
, headlined by Khabib
and Conor

McGregor is considered the betting underdog against his
highly-decorated opponent, who has yet to lose a single round in
professional MMA competition. Despite his impressive record, the
Irishman is confident in his own abilities, particularly with his
striking game.

McGregor has earned the moniker “Mystic Mac” in the past by
predicting how his fights will end. The Irishman has correctly
predicted wins against Eddie
, Jose Aldo,
, Dustin
and Chad

McGregor’s coach Jon Kavanagh has refused to give a prediction of
the fight, but McGregor did offer insight into how he sees the
fight will play out once the cage door shuts on Saturday night
(transcribed by MMAnews.com)

“I think I’m going to turn him into a bobble head to be honest,”
McGregor told the Mac Life on Sunday. “I mean it’s personal but it’s the
same. It’s always a little personal but in there it’s just a blank
face and a new body. I see him turning into a bobble head when I
hit him.

“I feel his brain is going to rattle when he gets a clatter off me.
That’s what I’m keeping in my head.”

Nurmagomedov has proven time again that he’s easily capable of
going five hard rounds and McGregor says he has prepared
specifically for this kind of fight and will be ready if the fight
goes into deep waters.

“I am a veteran now. I will be prepared for five rounds,” McGregor
said. “I will be prepared for any scenario and that’s it. I’m well
trained, I’ve put in the work and we’re confident going in no
matter where it goes.”

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