TUF Blog: Marciea Allen Part 5 | UFC &reg


My fight’s now over, and in addition to the defeat, I suffered a pretty significant injury that had nothing to do with the armbar that ended the fight.

I couldn’t place my entire body weight on my foot and I didn’t know how it happened in the fight, but regardless of how, I just knew something was wrong.

This pain was like nothing I’ve felt before and I’ve sustained countless injuries in the past. So I immediately requested a doctor’s appointment for X-rays and an MRI.

You’ll find out later in the season what the doctors diagnosed. But, at this point, I couldn’t train and I’m out of the competition, but somehow I wanted to still provide value for the team.

I not only didn’t want to feel sorry for myself, let my family back home down and didn’t want to let the team down, so I decided to think of other alternatives to make the most of my time while being in the TUF house and gym.

You’ll find out how later on.

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