Melbourne United hopeful of signing Casper Ware, Josh Boone, NBL, Sydney Kings


MELBOURNE United will ramp up its recruitment drive for three vacant import spots in coming days, quietly confident of being able to assemble a roster to rival the power packed Sydney Kings.

The NBL champions were quick out of the blocks, signing the best young Australian outside of the NBA, Mitch McCarron, former New Zealand international Alex Pledger and enforcer Daniel Trist.

While Melbourne remains in the hunt for a Casey Prather clone, United coach Dean Vickerman is hopeful of signing point guard Casper Ware and All-NBL centre Josh Boone, as both have taken the domestic league by storm the past two seasons.

Casey Prather, Casper Ware and Josh Boone. Picture: Michael Klein
Casey Prather, Casper Ware and Josh Boone. Picture: Michael KleinSource: News Corp Australia

Ware is “extremely close” to re-signing for a third NBL stint, while Boone’s NBA credentials and international experience would make him the ideal rival for Kings marquee Andrew Bogut.

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