James Corden Reveals His Dream Carpool Karaoke Guest List


In addition to sharing his ideal guest list, Corden revealed his top vacation spots. New Orleans, Chicago and Washington D.C. are just a few of the places he’d like to visit in America. As for trips abroad, Corden said he’s love to visit Bora Bora and Tokyo.

However, Corden doesn’t have a lot of free time these days. In addition to hosting The Late Late Show, Corden has appeared in a number of films, including Ocean’s 8 and Peter Rabbit. He’s also set to appear in the new musical movie, Cats. What’s more, he works with several business partners, including Chase Sapphire. He’s also a father to three children—a responsibility that keeps him especially busy.

“It’s not about busyness. It’s about children, really,” he told Sibley Scoles on the set of Chase Sapphire’s “The Places Between” campaign. “We have three children now. So if we try and go out for an afternoon, we don’t look like we’re popping out. We look like we’re fleeing a country. We’ve got so many bags.”

Still, Corden remembers to count his blessings.

“I feel incredibly lucky to be in America…When I grew up I just dreamt of visiting America on holiday,” he said. “So, let alone, living here and the life that it’s afforded my family…I get to take my son to…school every day, and I put one of my children down pretty much every night. That is an absolute blessing. There are so many dads who dream of being able to do that every day.”

“And then I get to go to work, I have as much fun as I can and then I go home,” he continued. “Sometimes I can have a real good moan about something and I’ll think, ‘What am I even moaning about?'”

Watch the video to see his interview.

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