Dana White Says Conor McGregor Is Not a Co-owner of The UFC Despite His Demands


Ultimate Fighting Championship
President Dana White has shot
down suggestions that his biggest star, former two-divisional
champion Conor
, is a co-owner in the UFC, despite the fact he’s
making a return in October.

Following McGregor’s high-profile boxing match against Floyd
, Jr. last year, from which he reportedly earned
approximately $100 million, the Irishman said he was only going to
return to the UFC Octagon if they could entice him by making him a
partner or a promoter for his future fights, similar to the deal he
was given for his fight with Mayweather.

White confirmed on Tuesday via MMA Junkie that none of McGregor’s
demands were met but claimed that McGregor will receive a huge pay
day for his fight with Khabib

“He’s not a part owner,” White said. “He might as well be though.
He’s making so much fucking money. He’s making so much fucking
money he might as well be a part owner.”

The amount of money McGregor will receive for the fight will be
revealed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission ahead of the bout.
He’ll also get a cut of the pay-per-view revenue for arguably the
most anticipated fight in UFC history. Despite the fear that both
fighters would be seeking unrealistic financial demands, White said
negotiations weren’t difficult, which he claims showed just how
much the pair want to fight each other.

“Not at all,” White answered when asked how hard it was to seal the
deal for McGregor vs. Nurmagomedov. “If you look at when Conor’s
deal got done in New York and when we announced the fight.
Everybody wants to fight.”

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